Welcome to No Ducks Gaming.  Here you will find information on games, our servers, our community and more.

Team No Ducks Gaming latest news:

  • Space Engineers Server! (4/17/2020)

    Howdy Folks!

    Today we added a Team NDG Space Engineers Server!

  • Minecraft Server (4/7/2020)

    Howdy ya’ll! We’ve began hosting a Minecraft Server! Currently it’s running Spigot 1.14.4. We’ve chosen this version because it’s the latest version supported by OptiFine. Once the next version of OptiFine comes out we’ll upgrade the server to the corresponding Spigot version.

  • Changes on the horizon! (3/31/2020)

    Howdy Ya’ll!

    Coronavirus has given us some time to work on some things behind the scenes so be sure to keep updated with the changes! We’re in the process of rolling out our community features, and adding some things, so please keep watching!