To enable WorldEdit and use WorldGuard commands, do the following:

  • Empty Toolbar slot 1, and then select it.
  • Type //wand into the chat window (press T) to pull it up.
  • Left click to select Position 1
  • Right click to select Position 2
  • Enter WorldGuard command(s)
  • When done, destroy the wooden tool in position 1.

When selecting your positions, think of your property in a 2d manner.  That is, go to the very bottom of it, and select position 1, and then go to the opposite corner and the height of the property and select position 2.  It will define a square / rectangle area with the height that you select.  So, if you select 2 blocks on the same level, ONLY those blocks on THAT level will be protected.

  • Claiming regions
    • /region claim <id> [owner1] [owner2] [owner3] (etc.)
    • This defines a new protected region. You can enter a list of owners that will be able to build in this area. To specify a player, just enter their name for player. To specify groups, put ‘g:’ in front of the group name. Re-defining an area will clear all of its information. To add members, use /region addmember (see below). <id> = Name of Region.
  • Adding owners and members
    • /region addmember <id> <member1> [member2] [member3] [member4] (etc.)
  • Getting information about a region (Will only work on YOUR regions)
    • /region info <id>
  • Deleting a region (Will only work on YOUR regions)
    • /region delete <id>
  • Teleporting to your region (Will only work on YOUR regions)
    • /region teleport <id>

This page is a Work in Progress, and should be treated as such.  If you need help, find a staff member!