Podcasts and Streams

Gaming with Retep is composed of one of the pieces of Two Dudes Media, and NDG. Pete aka ReTeP aka aCe can usually be found here streaming some of his favorite games.  Currently his streaming focus is on Facebook Gaming, and Twitch. His website is also located at [Gaming With Retep].

Gaming With David aka Slim Davie is actually the cousin of ReTeP and can usually be streaming Far Cry 4, Call Of Duty: Warzone and a few other of his favorites on both PC and Xbox One! Check him out on Facebook Gaming at [Gaming With David]!

Two Dudes One Podcast is actually composed of 3 core people. Scott, Peter, and Mark. Scott aka Pookie or Jahner hails from Tulsa Ok.  Peter aka Pookie or ReTeP / aCe and Mark aka Pookie Smalls or Joker, both hail from Michigan as they’re brothers.  A Podcast about nothing, but everything. The hosts discuss current events, gaming news, movie and entertainment news, and of course each others mothers.